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2015 Urban Water Management Plans

2015 UWMP Data
Water Use Efficiency Data Tool (WUEdata)

The new WUEdata tool allows streamlined UWMP submittal and data retrieval.

2015 UWMP Data Retrieval
This is the public portal to retrieve 2015 UWMP data that has been submitted to DWR.

2015 UWMP Submittal
This is the portal for urban water suppliers to submit their 2015 UWMP data to DWR and to access the DWR population tool.

Legislative Report for 2015 Urban Water Management Plans

The Department submitted a report to the Legislature on the status of 2015 Urban Water Management Plans (UWMPs, as required by the California Water Code. The report summarizes the status of UWMPs, exemplary elements of UWMPs, and progress towards achieving a statewide water use reduction of 20-percent by the year 2020.

2015 UWMP Leg Report - Final 9-22-17

Submitted 2015 Urban Water Management Plans

As of October 18, 2017 the following UWMPs have been submitted to DWR:

411 Urban Water Suppliers*
12 Suppliers under the reporting threshold*
6 Regional Alliances

Submitted documents and data may be viewed on the WUEdata portal

436 Urban Water Suppliers have been identified by DWR.

*Section 10617 of the California Water Code defines an “Urban water supplier” as a supplier, either publicly or privately owned, providing water for municipal purposes either directly or indirectly to more than 3,000 customers or supplying more than 3,000 acre-feet of water annually…

2015 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) Guidebook

This is the Final Draft of the 2015 Guidebook, which can be used for 2015 UWMPs. The "red-line" versions show the changes made to the Guidebook since it was posted as Draft.

Final Guidebook
Final Guidebook Red Line

Final Guidebook Appendices
Final Guidebook Appendices Red Line

Final Checklist (Appendix F) in Word

DWR Water Audit Manual

Methodologies for Calculating Baseline and Compliance Urban Per Capita Water Use

This document is to assist urban water suppliers in their implementation of the Water Conservation Act of 2009, also known as SBX7-7.

Final Methodologies Document March 2016

2015 UWMP Standardized Tables & SBX7-7 Verification Form

Water suppliers will report their 2015 UWMP data using standardized forms and tables. These are the Final tables to be used for 2015 UWMPs. The "red-line" versions show the changes made to the tables since they were initially posted as Draft.

UWMP Standardized Tables (FINAL)
UWMP Standardized Tables (FINAL Red Line)

SB X7-7 Verification Form Final.2
SB X7-7 Verification Form (Red Line)

Regional Alliance Tables
Option 1    Option 2    Option 3

Target Method 2 Tables

DWR Population Tool

A free, online tool for water suppliers to calculate their historical population using GIS and US Census data.

PowerPoint Demonstration of Population Tool

SB X 7-7 Provisional Target Method 4

DWR has released the final version of the Provisional Target Method 4 and its associated calculator. This is one of four methods to calculate targets for meeting a 20% reduction in GPCD by 2020. The calculator streamlines potential water savings calculations as used in Method 4.

SB X7-7 Provisional Target Method 4

Urban Drought Guidebook

These are the Final 2015 Guidebook and Appendices to be used for 2015 UWMPs. The "red-line" versions show the changes made to the Guidebook and Appendices since they were posted as draft documents.

Click here to view the Urban Drought Guidebook

2015 Urban Water Management Plan (UMWP) Workshops

In November and December of 2015, DWR hosted UWMP workshops in several locations around the state. Click the links below for more information.

Workshop Flyer
Workshops Agenda
Narrated Workshop Presentations