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Water Facts and Fun - Online catalog and order form (English)

Conservation Connection Water and Energy Use In California- A Curriculum. Analyzing water and energy use at home and at school. Student Book (1Mb pdf)

Conservation Connection Water and Energy Use In California- A Curriculum. Analyzing water and energy use at home and at school. Teacher's Guide (3Mb pdf)

Other Educational Resources

Waves, Wetlands, and Watersheds is a classroom and community activity guide for teachers that addresses issues such as endangered species, marine debris, coastal geology, water use, and much more. It is carefully aligned to the California State Science Content Standards for grades 3 through 8, and includes "Community Action" lessons adaptable for all ages up to and beyond 12th grade. The guide is available to California educators for free from the California Coastal Commission, or it can be downloaded as a PDF.

CREEC (The California Regional Environmental Education Community) Network provides educators with access to quality environmental education resources to enhance the environmental literacy of California students.

Delta Studies: The Delta Studies curriculum offers students the opportunity to learn about their local area and learn the science behind one of California's most important resources, the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta, and implements the California Science Standards in the process.

USGS - Water Resources of the United States: USGS operates in every State; the Water Resources mission is "to provide water information that benefits the Nation's citizens: publications, data, maps, and applications software."

Water Quality Lessons available FREE: The California Water Boards' Water Quality Service Learning Program web site is designed to introduce teachers to an innovative student-centered science investigation focused on California's growing problem of polluted runoff. This web site offers units of study aligned to California Content Standards and that support the new Education and the Environment Initiative – a unified strategy to bring education about the environment into California schools; free, ready-to-use lesson plans; online teacher support; and a lesson plan builder to make your own personalized lesson plans.

The Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) Curriculum The goal of EEI is to develop a curriculum that helps students achieve mastery of California's Academic Content Standards in the context of California's approved Environmental Principles and Concepts. The EEI Curriculum will enhance environmental education goals and academic standards already established by the California Department of Education.