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California Water Plan Update 2013

The California Water Plan Update 2013 (Update 2013) is designed to work in tandem, and help implement, the Governor’s Water Action Plan. At more than 3,500 pages, Update 2013 covers a variety of information, from detailed descriptions of current and potential regional and statewide water conditions, to a “Roadmap For Action” intended to achieve desired benefits and outcomes. Read the Secretary of Natural Resources Agency and the Director of the Department of Water Resources remarks about the release of Update 2013 (October 30, 2014).

  • Update 2013 recognizes and reflects these five things every Californian should know:
    1. Water is the Essence of Life for California.
    2. California’s Complex Water System is in Crisis.
    3. A Diverse Portfolio Approach is Required.
    4. Solutions Require Integration, Alignment, and Investment.
    5. We All Have a Role to Play in Securing Our Future.

The plan is organized in five volumes plus a Highlights booklet.

Update 2013 Highlights and Placemat

The Update 2013 Highlights booklet is a short "executive summary" of the information contained the Water Plan volumes. You will find pointers to where more detailed discussion and information can be found in specific volumes and chapters. The Update 2013 Placement describes the key Update 2013 messages, the importance of integrated water management (IWM), the nexus between Update 2013 and the Governor's Water Action Plan, and a matrix linking the Action Plan's ten priorities to content in Update 2013.

Volume 1 — The Strategic Plan

Containing the first ever framework for financing the the California Water Plan and a "Roadmap for Action," Volume 1 provides a comprehensive picture of current water, flood, and environmental conditions in California.

Volume 2 — Regional Reports

Volume 2 is composed of chapters for each of California's 12 hydrologic regions and overlay areas. They provide a current "state of the region" — watersheds, groundwater aquifers, ecosystems, floods, climate, demographics, land use, water supplies and uses, and governance. Note: These files are large; over 50 MBs each.

Volume 3 — Resource Management Strategies

The integrated water management (IWM) toolbox, Volume 3 provides 30 plus strategies to: reduce water demand, increase, water supply, improve water quality, practice resource stewardship, improve flood management, and recognize people's relationship to water.

Update 2013 Glossary and Interactive Map

The Glossary contains all the technical terms and their definitions that were used throughout Update 2013. We have also included an interactive map with all the GIS layers used in maps found on Update 2013. If you have any questions about the GIS layers, you can contact us.

Volume 4 and 5 — The Reference Guide and The Technical Guide

Volume 4 contains all the reference materials used in the preparation of Update 2013, while Volume 5 contains all the technical materials.


The following corrections have been made since the release of Update 2013. Please note that the printed or online versions may have not been corrected.

  • Global
    1. The Water Plan Glossary has been updated, adding the term "Crop Applied Water."
    2. Any reference in the Water Plan to the Drinking Water Program of CDPH should read Division of Drinking Water of SWRCB.
  • Volume 1
    1. In the printed and online versions, Volume 1, Chapter 3, page 3-31, 3rd paragraph, 4th sentence should read, “Statewide summaries of the detailed water supplies and applied water uses, 1998 through 2010, are presented in Volume 5, Technical Guide.”
    2. In the printed copy of Volume 1, Chapter 3, Figure 3-10, Note 1 regarding recycled water, should read, “For water years 2001-2010, recycled municipal water varied from 0.2 to 0.7 MAF of the water supply.
    3. Volume 1, Chapter 3, Table 3-2 is incorrectly titled. The correct title is “Table 3-2, California Hydrologic Water Balance Summary, 2001-2010 (maf).
    4. Volume 1, Chapter 3, Table 3-2 has been updated with correct "Change in Supply – Groundwater" numbers. You can find the correct table here.
    5. Volume 1, Chapter 3, Figure 3-28, Energy Use Related to Water has been corrected. A new version of the Water-Energy pie diagram is here. You can also refer to the Water-Energy website (statewide) for more information.
  • Volume 2
    1. In the San Francisco Bay Regional Report, the following note was cut off on Table SFB-14, page SFB-74, “Note: Table reflects the plans that were received by August, 2012. Plans that were not reviewed as part of the CWP Update 2013, as they were received after the initial assessment period, include GWMPs completed by the following agencies: City of San Bruno – South Westside Basin GWMP (2012); SCVWD GWMP (2013); EBMUD – South East Bay Plain GWMP (2013).
    2. In the San Joaquin River Regional Report, Figure SJR-11 on page SJR-42 has an error in the title and the legend. The title incorrectly lists the units in millions, whereas, the title should read, "...Billions of Dollars." The legend incorrectly lists the counties, the legend should should list the following counties: Fresno County, Madera County, Merced County, San Joaquin County, and Stanislaus County, in that order.
    3. In the Colorado River Regional Report, page CR-16, first paragraph, incorrectly states, "In 2017, the end of mitigation deliveries . . .". Mitigation deliveries continue through 2017 in the amount of 150,000 AF, so this sentence should read “In 2018, the end of mitigation deliveries. . .".
    4. In the Tulare Lake Regional Report, Figure TL-10 Total Agricultural Applied Water Supply Source is missing the legend. You can find the figure with the legend here.
    5. Hydrologic Region Water Balance Summary Tables (NC-12, SFB-10, CC-18, SC-16, SR-13, SJR-19, TL-23, SL-10, MC-24) “Change in Supply – Groundwater” data for water years 2001-2005 are incorrect. The updated numbers can be found in the Technical Guide Water Portfolio section file Data for Volume 1, Table 3-2, and Regional Reports Hydrologic Water Balance Summary Tables.
  • Volume 3
    1. Agricultural Water Use Efficiency RMS, page 2-7, second paragraph had an error in the 2010 crop applied water. It has been corrected and resulting information in the paragraph clarified. The online chapter is updated, please, find a corrected page 2-7 here.
  • Volume 4
    1. N/A
  • Volume 5
    1. Files in the Water Portfolio section have been revised. DATA DETAIL: 1998-2005, DATA SUMMARY: 1998-2010, Water Portfolio, and Data for Volume 1, Table 3-2, and Regional Reports Hydrologic Water Balance Summary Tables.

Contact Information

For more information or questions about Update 2013, you can contact us at cwpcom@water.ca.gov.