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The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) strides to receive broad input and support from Californians in producing a strategic water plan that: meets California Water Code requirements; guides State investments in innovation and infrastructure; and advances integrated water management and sustainable outcomes.

There are a number of ways individuals and organizations can participate in current and future Water Plan updates. The general public is also invited to participate in our public meetings, please visit our Calendar page to look for upcoming meetings.

DWR and the Water Plan publish a weekly electronic newsletter to keep you current on Water Plan related news. We encourage individuals to subscribe to receive updates on current and future Water Plan activities. You can view an archive of previous eNews here.

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State Agency Steering Committee

The Water Plan State Agency Steering Committee (SASC), comprised of representatives from State government agencies, is a central feature of the process that guides future Water Plan updates, a role DWR had performed with little formal input from other State agencies in the past. The SASC collaborates to develop a more comprehensive Water Plan update that strategically integrates California's water supply, water use efficiency, water quality, flood management planning and environmental stewardship, as well as respective agency missions and goals.

Policy Advisory Committee

DWR is required by statute (the California Water Code) to form an advisory committee to assist in the preparation of the California Water Plan. The Public Advisory Committee has been renamed to Policy Advisory Committee (Policy AC) to better reflect the committee's role. The Policy AC has been convened to assist in developing and refining policy recommendations and other strategic elements for Update 2018. DWR is committed to an open and transparent process that seeks participation and collaborative input from stakeholders and the general public.

Tribal Advisory Committee

The goal of the Tribal Advisory Committee (Tribal AC) is to create a forum where California Native American Tribes and organizations can help to develop the material for the California Water Plan and ensure Tribal perspectives on land, water, and culture are included in those materials. Coordination between the Tribal AC, the State Agency Steering Committee, and Federal Agency Network is the next step to developing policy recommendations and strategies that are responsive to the water concerns of California Tribal communities and governments.

Federal Agency Collaboration

DWR and the California Water Plan will continue to engage federal agencies to advance Water Plan objectives by leveraging our limited resources in preparation of the next Water Plan update.

Public Comments / Contact Information

We welcome any comments and/or questions that you may have. You can also review comments from previous Water Plan updates and find contact information.