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California's Groundwater Update 2013

California's Groundwater Update 2013: A Compilation of Enhanced Content for California Water Plan Update 2013 compiles and analyzes readily-available groundwater information to characterize California’s groundwater basins, aquifers, and well infrastructure.

The Update expands and enhances baseline groundwater information on a regional scale, identifies challenges associated with sustainable groundwater management and helps guide implementation of diverse resource management strategies. Statewide and regional findings, data gaps and recommendations to improve groundwater management also are included.

The report is organized into the following components:

California's Groundwater Update

The Statewide Groundwater Update provides an overview of groundwater conditions in California.

Hydrologic Region Groundwater Update

The hydrologic region specific groundwater updates provide more detailed groundwater coditions for each region.


The appendices provide general documentation, as well as data used to prepare the report. A special report (Apdx. E) used to calculate change in groundwater in storage in the Central Valley is also included.

Additional Information

You can view recorded presentations about the release of this report on our YouTube page.
For more information on groundwater in California you can go to DWR's Groundwater webpage.
For questions about the release of this report, you can email: cwpcom@water.ca.gov.