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In Update 2005 of the California Water Plan (Water Plan), dedicated outreach resulted in Tribal representation on the Public Advisory Committee. One of the recommendations, from Update 2005, called for increasing Tribal involvement in statewide, regional, and local water planning. Update 2009 convened a Tribal Communications Committee to advise the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) on how to better contact, and communicate with the more than 160 Native American Tribes in California. The California Tribal Water Summit (TWS) was organized with a goal of creating a roadmap with strategies for preserving Native water rights and providing for the sustainable management of California's sacred waters.

Update 2013 continued the commitment to engage Tribes by asking California Native Americans to help design a process and charter for establishing a Tribal Advisory Committee with members representing California Tribes and Tribal organizations, by convening the California Tribal Water Summit 2013.

A fundamental goal of the 2013 summit was to develop tangible outcomes, or deliverables, which would support an implementation plan to advance Tribal objectives and involvement in water planning and management after the summit. In reaching out to TWS speakers and panel members, the planning team sought to represent the geographic distribution of Tribes across the state.

Tribal Water Summit 2018

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Tribal Water Summit 2013

The theme of the summit was "California Indigenous Rights, Uses and Management of Water and Land: Leveraging the strengths and resources of Tribal, State and Federal agencies through collaboration."

The summit showcased three topics: tribal ecological knowledge; indigenous rights to water; and water management and land use with featured keynote speakers including the Governor's Tribal Advisor, Cynthia Gomez.

Tribal Water Summit 2009

The theme of the summit was "Protect Our Sacred Water." The summit provided an opportunity for the highest Tribal and State government officials to explore common interests, discuss policy issues, identify solutions, and promoted dialogue among agencies and programs responsible for water resources management in California.

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For questions or comments about Tribal communication, please contact:

Emily Alejandrino
California Water Plan Tribal Liaison
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