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Sid Fong, Lab Director
Bryte Chemical Laboratory

1450 Riverbank Road
West Sacramento, CA 95608
(916) 375-6008

Bryte Chemical Laboratory
Bryte Labs


Accredited by the State Water Resources Control Board's Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP), Bryte Laboratory supports the Department of Water Resources’ mission to protect, restore, and enhance California’s natural and human environments by providing accurate, accessible data that are essential for data-driven decision making.  Analytical services include routine environmental as well as regulatory compliance monitoring, special and investigative studies, and emergency response.  Staffed by scientists, chemists, and technicians experienced and knowledgeable in the latest analytical techniques and state-of-the-art instrumentation, the laboratory team works closely with all divisions and branches to address the complex requirements of the Department.
Statement of Qualifications

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Bryte Laboratory is accredited by the State Water Resources Control Board's Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program and maintains a documented QA program. To ensure the highest analytical data quality, laboratory testing is performed in compliance with approved EPA methodologies and required quality control procedures.  The laboratory also participates in internal and external auditing programs and inter-laboratory round robin studies.

Health and Safety
Bryte Laboratory is committed to preventing injuries and accidents in the laboratory by promoting a comprehensive safety program through management commitment, active employee participation and the integration of safety considerations in all laboratory processes.

Analytical Services
Bryte Laboratory employs a diverse staff of experienced chemists, technicians, and scientific aids dedicated to the analysis of drinking water, groundwater, and surface waters throughout the state in support of environmental and compliance monitoring programs, special investigative projects, and emergency response.  Analytical capabilities include trace-level testing of inorganic, organic and metal constituents.  In addition, Bryte Laboratory constantly evaluates new methodologies and instrumentation in anticipation of the evolving needs of the Department, the public, and the environment.

Sample Control
All samples must be received in accordance with the laboratory’s Sample Acceptance Policy to ensure the integrity of samples submitted for laboratory analysis. Sampling kits with appropriate containers may be provided upon request. Please contact us with questions regarding submittal procedures, sample containers or shipment.