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Municipal Water Quality Program

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Municipal Water Quality Program

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The Municipal Water Quality Program (MWQP)

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is a vital source of water for State Water Project (SWP) Contractors who treat and deliver drinking water to more than 25 million residential and commercial users. For more than 30 years, the Municipal Water Quality Investigations Program conducted research to help understand the effect that the Delta has on the quality, treatability, and reliability of source water supplied to the contractors via the SWP. In its current form, MWQI consists of two internal elements and one external element both providing valuable information to the contractors.

The first internal element, the MWQI Field Section, is responsible for collecting biweekly and monthly discrete samples at sites located throughout the Delta while the second internal element, the Real Time Data and Forecasting-Comprehensive Program (RTDF-CP), has two parts, one that collects real-time data via five real-time stations, also located in and around the Delta, that operate 24/7 and the external element composed of personnel from DWR’s Operations Control Office (OCO) and the Bay Delta Office (BDO) who produce and run a series of water quality models that estimate future constituent levels and estimate past constituent sources. Together and including data from other real time sources managed by other groups within and outside of DWR, the program strives to keep all interested parties informed by providing them with up to date and accurate water quality constituent data.

To disseminate data collected by the program, four different formats are available depending on what information is desired or how the information is obtained. Discrete water quality data is available on DWR’s Water data Library (WDL) while RTDF-CP real-time data can be obtained on the WDL, the California Data Exchange Center (CDEC) or the RTDF-CP web page. (Include link to web sites) Data obtained on the WDL has been screened while CDEC data is raw and sent directly from the analyzers. Information on the RTDF-CP web page includes a myriad of information including links to the WDL, CDEC, graphical representations of the real-time data and links to all modeling output along with other data/information made available by sources outside MWQI. In addition to these, RTDF-CP information is also made available via daily and weekly emails sent to interested users. Contact us if you would like to receive the emailed reports.