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The watershed mapping program was created after several local watershed groups requested technical assistance from the Department to provide accurate watershed boundary maps. The maps will be used for display, planning, grant application, education, and other local purposes. The maps were generated based on demand and location and were created using a process developed by Watershed and Regional Management Section GIS staff. The focus of the mapping effort for FY 2004-2005 was the Eastern Sierra Range of Central California. Groups were contacted to participate in the program to determine the need and priority. The table below lists the watershed boundaries that were delineated and their current status. Watersheds without active groups were mapped and can be found on the San Joaquin Eastside Watersheds Map (viewable click able map).

Use: These images are in the public domain. As such they are not subject to copyright and no permission is necessary to download them or use them as you wish. However, we would appreciate any use of this site be noted with the phrase: "Images are courtesy of the California Department of Water Resources." We would also appreciate being notified when materials from this site are used in other sites or publications. Draft copies may be available upon request; please contact Ernie Taylor with your contact information and planned use.

Watershed Map Included Watersheds Current Status
Upper Merced River Watershed Upper Merced River to Lake McClure Final (PDF 7.5MB)
Lower Merced River Watershed Lower Merced River from Lake McClure, Dry Creek, and Mustang Creek Final (PDF 5.0MB)
Chowchilla/Fresno Rivers Watershed Fresno River, Chowchilla River, and Mariposa Stream Group Final Draft (PDF 8.3MB)
San Joaquin River Parkway Lower San Joaquin River from Friant Dam to Highway 99 Draft
Millerton Area Watershed Coalition Upper San Joaquin River from Auberry Road to Friant Dam Final (PDF 3.3MB)
Tulare Lake Watershed Kings River, Cottonwood Creek, Kaweah River, Tule River, Deer Creek, and White River Draft

Disclaimer: In the San Joaquin Valley where contours are flat, watershed boundary lines are difficult to determine, and should be assumed inferred. Many structures or features not shown on these maps can impact the overland flow within a watershed area. Structures like roads, canals, dams, and levees can divert flows away from the natural slope. Features like local land leveling for farming and irrigation practices can also modify natural runoff. Use caution when considering the lower boundary areas and if possible confirm with ground truthing to determine accuracy.