Salton Sea Unit

salton sea photo
The north shore of the Salton Sea, Riverside County.

The Salton Sea Unit supports the California Natural Resources Agency’s Salton Sea Management Program (SSMP) created by Governor Brown’s Salton Sea Task Force to address the urgent public and ecological health issues resulting from the drying and shrinking of the Salton Sea. The health issues, including hazardous air quality from dust emissions and loss of important wildlife habit, are a result of the farm-to-urban water transfers set in place by a 2003 water rights agreement, called the Quantification Settlement Agreement [QSA]).

Salton Sea Recreation Area photo
Picnic tables along the shore in the Salton Sea State Recreation Area.
While the SSMP is a long-range program, its immediate focus is on the development and implementation of the Phase I: 10-Year Plan. We support the SSMP and the Phase I Plan by providing planning, engineering, and environmental expertise for design and implementation of dust-suppression and habitat projects. The Phase I Plan includes projects that will be completed as early as the end of 2022. Proposition 1 provided $80 million in funding for SSMP implementation.


Salton Sea Map
Map of current Salton Sea Project locations.

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