The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is responsible for managing and protecting California’s water. DWR works with other agencies to benefit the state’s people, and to protect, restore and enhance the natural and human environments.


DWR Responds to Drought at Irvine Workshop

As reservoir levels fall and California's snowpack fades away with no significant storms in sight, DWR and other experts are outlining drought-response measures at a multi-agency Drought Response Workshop in Irvine. Agenda items include drought conditions and state and local agency response actions, implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, Proposition 1 funding for Integrated Regional Water Management and other programs and water conservation activites. The two-day workshop is sponsored by DWR, the Southern California Water Committee and the National Water Research Institute. DWR participants include Jeanine Jones, Tracie Billington, Peter Brostrom and Mary Scruggs. For details, see http://www.nwri-usa.org/events.htm

DWR Photography - Florence Low | Spotlight Archive

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