The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is responsible for managing and protecting California’s
water. DWR works with other agencies to benefit the state’s people, and to protect, restore and enhance
the natural and human environments.

Snowpack's Water Content at Record Low
Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. joined DWR Director Mark Cowin and Frank Gehrke, chief of the California Cooperative Snow Surveys Program, for the season’s fourth media-oriented manual snow survey today. At an elevation of 6,800 feet, Phillips Station in the Sierra has been measured since 1941, with an average April 1 snow depth of 66.5 inches. Today was the first early-April measurement that found no snow at Phillips, an indication, the Governor said, of the drought’s extreme severity. Statewide, the snowpack’s water content is just 5 percent of average for April 1, breaking the previous record of 25 percent in 1977 and 1991.
News Release: http://www.water.ca.gov/recent_news.cfm
Electronic snowpack readings: http://cdec.water.ca.gov/cdecapp/snowapp/sweq.action

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