The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is responsible for managing and protecting California’s water resources. DWR works with other agencies to benefit the State’s people and to protect, restore and enhance the natural and human environments.

A Novel Approach to Improve Delta Smelt Survival
Plankton is an important element in the endangered Delta smelt’s food chain. Four years ago, DWR scientists observed plankton blooms in the Delta following agricultural drainage from the Yolo Bypass – the first fall blooms in more than 20 years. Acting on a hunch, they pursued an experiment this summer with numerous agencies to redirect water from the Sacramento River down the Colusa Basin Drain into Yolo Bypass to see if they could produce similar improvements in plankton. At the Yolo Bypass today, DWR’s Director Mark Cowin and Lead Scientist Ted Sommer gathered with State and federal leaders to unveil the initial results of the flow action, which is a key part of the Delta Smelt Resiliency Strategy. News Release

DWR Photography - John Chacon | Spotlight Archive

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