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Prevent the Spread of Quagga Mussels: Clean, Drain, & Dry
  • The Quagga Mussel is a non-native freshwater mollusk originally from Ukraine about 1/8 inch to 2 inches long.
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If you’re heading to the lake with your boat this Memorial Day weekend, be prepared for quagga mussel inspections. The quagga mussel is a small, invasive mollusk that poses an ecological threat to California’s native species and can colonize hard surfaces, clogging water intakes, screens, and pipes. Watercraft can spread mussel infestations to other waterbodies. Quagga mussels were found in State Water Project facilities Pyramid and Castaic Lakes in December.

Boaters should expect watercraft inspections at launch ramps around the state, including Lake Del Valle, San Luis Reservoir, O’Neill Forebay, Los Banos Creek Reservoir, Silverwood Lake, Lake Perris, Pyramid Lake, and Castaic Lake and Lagoon. Boats must be cleaned, drained of all water, and 100 percent dry to pass inspection and launch, and in some cases, to exit.

Visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Quagga Mussel webpage for more information on keeping boats free of mussels. In the greater Los Angeles area, contact Los Angeles County Parks for additional area requirements.

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