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A cornerstone of DWR’s effort to improve integrated flood management in California’s Central Valley, the Central Valley Flood Management Planning (CVFMP) Program was launched in 2008 and is managed by the Division of Flood Management’s Central Valley Flood Planning Office (CVFPO). The Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP) sets forth a plan for sustainable flood management and investment to improve flood risk management in the Central Valley through use of the State Plan of Flood Control (SPFC) facilities. Following adoption of the CVFPP in 2012, DWR began refinement of the CVFPP recommendations via the three significant planning efforts listed in the boxes below. The next update of the CVFPP is scheduled for completion in 2017. Implementation of certain CVFPP actions has already begun and will be expanded after the 2017 Update.

  2012 CVFPP Cover

Basin-wide Feasibility

The BWFS are major, State-led planning efforts aimed at refining the State Systemwide Investment Approach as identified in the 2012 CVFPP. Led by the Central Valley Flood Planning Office, the BWFS will evaluate physical actions to improve flood system performance, flexibility and resiliency. These studies will be major contributors to the 2017 update to the CVFPP.
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Regional Flood
Management Planning

The RFMP is an important first step to refine and implement elements of the 2012 CVFPP in advance of the 2017 Update. With DWR financial assistance and resources, six local entities in the Central Valley have begun development of plans that reflect their regions' visions for how to reduce flood risk to their communities. These plans are slated for completion in 2015.
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Central Valley Flood System
Conservation Strategy

The Conservation Strategy is integral to implementing the State Systemwide Investment Approach. It describes how to integrate environmental stewardship in flood management improvements and establishes environmental objectives throughout the flood management system. Led by the FloodSAFE Environmental Stewardship and Statewide Resources Office, the Conservation Strategy will be an ongoing part of the 2017 Update and flood management projects throughout the state.
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