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Division of Safety of Dams
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DAM HEIGHT is measured from the downstream toe to the maximum storage elevation/spillway.

Specific exemptions from jurisdiction apply to:

OBSTRUCTIONS IN A CANAL to raise, lower or divert water there from; LEVEES, RAILROAD FILLS; ROAD or HIGHWAY FILLS; CIRCULAR TANKS; TANKS ELEVATED above the ground; certain NON-CIRCULAR TANKS in San Diego County; barriers OFF-STREAM for AGRICULTURAL USE or use as SEWAGE SLUDGE DRYING FACILITIES; OBSTRUCTIONS in channels or watercourses which are 15 feet or less in height, with single purpose of spreading water within the bed of the stream or watercourse upstream for percolation underground; WASTE WATER CONTROL FACILITY ponds, which are 15 feet or less in height, have a maximum storage capacity of 1500 acre-feet or less, are off-stream, and the operating public agency adopts certain resolutions; and FEDERAL DAMS.

For a complete text of exemptions, please refer to "Statutes and Regulations Pertaining to Supervision of Dams and Reservoirs", California Water Code, Division 3, Dams and Reservoirs, Part 1, Supervision of Dams and Reservoirs, Chapter 1, Definitions, 6000-6008.