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Tehachapi East Afterbay (T.E.A.)
Tehachapi East Afterbay (T.E.A.)   

The Mission of the Division of Engineering is to safely provide timely, cost-effective, and quality engineering, geology, construction, real estate, geodetic, and administrative services to our clients in concert with Department of Water Resources' strategic goals and objectives.

We serve a variety of clients that include, but not limited to, the public, State Water Contractors, State and federal agencies and other Department of Water Resources organizations. We have unique expertise in project management, engineering, and constructing a wide variety of water resources projects. Division of Engineering projects include dams, canals, tunnels, pipelines, pumping and power plants, flood protection facilities, fish enhancements projects, and facilities to improve water quality. We perform mapping and surveying, real estate transactions, geological studies, and work in areas of geotechnical, structural, hydrological, hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical engineering. In addition, we provide construction management and inspection on public works contracts.