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March 13, 2014 – Final Rural Levee Repair Guidelines Posted.

The Rural Levee Repair Guidelines are now available (PDF: 5.4 MB).


The Rural Levee Repair Guidelines (RLRG; PDF 5.4 MB) have been developed by the Department of Water Resources (DWR) and Stakeholders collaboratively in response to needs identified in the 2012 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP) to develop a common, consistent set of rural levee repair guidelines to help local maintaining agencies plan, design, and construct these repairs efficiently and effectively. This effort contributes to the implementation of the State Systemwide Investment Approach (SSIA) as outlined in the 2012 CVFPP.

The Central Valley Flood Protection Board (Board) adopted the 2012 CVFPP with a resolution stating the following intent:

“The Board will create an advisory committee, or other appropriate group, working with DWR, local maintaining agencies, interested stakeholders, and the USACE to develop rural levee repair and improvement criteria, to be applied to planned or emergency work. The Board intends for the advisory committee or group to produce draft criteria to be available by July 1, 2013.” –Resolution No. 2012-25, Section 11 (h)

In response to the Board's request, DWR formed a work group of interested stakeholders to develop guidelines to be used to guide repair of documented rural levee performance problems. In addition to DWR staff, work group members included representatives of the local maintaining agencies, Board members and staff, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers representatives, and other interested parties.

Public Comments and Responses

On November 22, 2013, DWR posted the Draft Rural Levee Repair Guidelines (PDF: 3.4 MB) on its website, starting the 45-day public review of the document.  Specific notices of this review period were sent to key stakeholders, work group members, and resource agency representatives through the FloodSAFE distribution list.  We received specific comments from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife Service, County of Lake, and Ventura County Watershed Protection District.  DWR staff has put together a summary of key comments and resulting changes (PDF: 23 KB) to the Rural Levee Repair Guidelines document.

Meeting Materials for the Rural Levee Repair Guidelines Work Group

Other Work Group Documents

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