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The Flood Control Subventions Program Section along with the Central Valley Flood Protection Board (formerly Reclamation Board) provide financial assistance to local agencies cooperating in the construction of federally authorized flood control projects. The Central Valley Flood Protection Board administers the State financial assistance for major U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' projects in the Central Valley while the Flood Control Subventions Program Section is responsible for disbursing funds for all other State authorized projects.

The national flood control program was enacted in 1936, which required nonfederal interests to pay the costs of rights of way and relocations for channel improvements and levee projects. State law enacted in 1945 provides for reimbursements to local flood control agencies for all rights of way and relocation costs of channel improvement and levee projects. In 1973, state statute was changed to one of State-local cost sharing for flood damage prevention features of channel improvement and levee projects. State participation in the nonfederal capital costs of recreation and fish and wildlife enhancement features was also added to the program in 1973. In 1988, the state statute was modified to reflect the 1986 changes in federal policy. In 2000, the state statute was amended and now requires flood management projects to meet prescribed requirements prior to state authorization and creates a variable state cost-share percentage based on multi-purpose objectives for the projects, ranging from a minimum of 50% to a maximum of 70%.

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Guidelines (PDF: 84KB) were established in 1974 that outline the procedures for submitting and reviewing claims.

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