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Flood Safety Awareness Week (March 15-19)

Every year, our community is at a heightened flood risk during the spring and summer months as warm days, heavy rains and severe storms sweep across the region. Only a flood insurance policy will provide financial protection against flood damage. Developed by NFIP's FloodSmart Campaign in partnership with NOAA, a new interactive flood map is now available to help you better identify your individualized flood risks. Go to to learn more about the financial costs of flooding, how to get a policy, and in the event that a flood occurs, how best to recover.

Upcoming Certified Floodplain Manager Exams

Twice a year, the Department of Water Resources organizes the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) Certified Floodplain Manager Exam. Exam information and study materials are now available.

The Floodplain Management Branch administers programs aimed at reducing the threat of loss of life and damage to property through the encouragement and use of nonstructural alternatives and practices. The Branch coordinates with Federal, State and local agencies and provides planning assistance to State agencies on the placement of their facilities and conducting their programs to minimize the risk of flood loss and damage. The Branch coordinates all activities related to the State's participation in the National Flood Insurance Program; and facilitates problem resolution of California communities' compliance with the National Flood Insurance Program. The Branch Chief is designated as State Coordinator for National Flood Insurance Program.

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