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  • About Us

      FESSRO began operations in July 2009 to provide a focus for integrating environmental stewardship into DWR’s FloodSAFE California initiative and related programs.

      The mission of FESSRO is: to implement integrated environmental stewardship and flood management statewide, through collaboration, sound science and innovative engineering.

      FESSRO includes three branches: Delta Levees and Environmental Engineering, Floodway Ecosystem Sustainability, and Environmental Restoration and Enhancement.

  • Levees

      The Delta Levees and Environmental Engineering branch provides engineering assistance and funding to Delta reclamation districts to improve levees and other flood protection facilities in a way that avoids environmental damages and enhances habitat. This work is accomplished through the Subventions and Special Projects components of DWR’s Delta Levees Section. The branch coordinates with Delta agencies to improve and support levee stability and maintenance and flood emergency preparedness. Its programs also support research into on-island subsidence reversal and carbon sequestration, and their effects on Delta flood protection, water conveyance, and environmental systems. In addition, the Delta Knowledge Improvement Program (DKIP) actively funds studies to fill in data gaps identified in the Delta Risk Management Strategy (DRMS) Project. Finally, the program supports projects that provide multiple benefits, such as the North Delta flood control and habitat restoration project.

  • Floodway Ecosystems

      The Floodway Ecosystem Sustainability (FES) branch is developing the Central Valley Flood System Conservation Strategy, to support the Department's efforts towards integrated flood system planning and the development of Central Valley Flood Protection Plan. During 2010 and 2011, FES provided support on environmental aspects and the integration of environmental stewardship into the development of the 2012 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP) and developed the Conservation Framework (Attachment 2 to Volume 1 of the CVFPP)(PDF, 8.1 MB). FES is currently focusing on the development of the Central Valley Flood System Conservation Strategy, a comprehensive effort to create a systemwide conservation plan to support the 2017 update of the CVFPP. The branch also coordinates regional advance mitigation planning (RAMP), a comprehensive statewide effort promoting more meaningful, large-scale, and cost-effective conservation by establishing mitigation banks before flood projects are implemented.

  • Environmental Restoration

      The Environmental Restoration and Enhancement branch oversees a range of programs and funding activities to mitigate, enhance and restore the State's aquatic ecosystems and watersheds, particularly those associated with DWR's water resource projects. Programs extend from the mountains to the coast and include urban streams restoration, riverine ecosystems such as native anadromous fish passage improvement, Delta ecosystem enhancement, and Special Projects such as the Salton Sea Restoration Program. The Branch also works with local and regional land use planners, land owners, flood management agencies, water management agencies, federal and State regulatory agencies, and non-profit groups to provide ecological and restoration information and data analyses through open collaboration forums such as the Riparian Habitat Joint Venture (RHJV).


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Delta Levees Habitat Mitigation and Enhancement - Current Activities (posted 5/8/2015)

A summary of the Delta Levees Program Current Habitat Project Activities is now available.

Special Investigations - Current Activities (posted 5/6/2015)

A summary of the Special Investigations Section Current Activities is now available. The Special Investigations Section, part of FESSRO's Delta Levees and Environmental Engineering Branch, includes the West Delta Program, North Delta Program, Delta Risk Management Strategy (DRMS), and Delta Knowledge Improvement Program (DKIP).