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Central Valley Flood System 2012 Conservation Framework and 2017 Conservation Strategy

FESSRO provided support on environmental issues for the development of the 2012 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP), by developing the Central Valley Flood System Conservation Framework (PDF, 8.1 MB)(Framework), which appears as Attachment 2 to Volume 1 of the 2012 CVFPP. This Framework is an integral part of the State's preferred Systemwide Investment Approach (SSIA) identified in the draft CVFPP and describes how Environmental Stewardship is integrated to make progress towards meeting the environmental objectives of the Central Valley Flood Protection Act of 2008 (Act) and related legislation (PDF, 2.2 MB) throughout the flood management system. The goals addressed within the Framework include: contributing to the recovery and stability of native species populations and overall biotic community diversity; improving and enhancing natural dynamic and geomorphic processes; increasing and improving the quantity, diversity, quality, and connectivity of riverine habitats, including agricultural and ecological values; and integrating wildlife friendly farming practices into conventional agricultural farming operations. With the Central Valley Flood Protection Board now considering adoption of the CVFPP and its attachments by July 1, 2012, as mandated by the Act, the Branch is now focusing on further development of the Central Valley Flood System Conservation Strategy, a long-term effort to create a systemwide conservation plan supporting CVFPP implementation.

Bond Funding

FESSRO has bond funding from Proposition 1E (PDF, 30 KB) that it is allocating to projects and activities that meet the intent of the Framework and CVFPP, and developed Central Valley Flood System Conservation Framework and Strategy Funding Guidelines (PDF, 331 KB)(Guidelines) to direct that funding. A public review process on the Draft Guidelines was initiated in November 2011; the Guidelines were approved by the Department Director as Final Guidelines on February 23, 2012. The Final Guidelines, which are intentionally broad and general in nature, provide the basis for issuance of Proposal Solicitation Packages (PSPs), which are more specific about the types of projects and activities that will be pursued with Prop 1E funding. For additional information about Prop 1E funded projects, you can also visit the Bond Accountability Website.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Answers to questions regarding the Request for Proposal II are now available. Please see the Funding for Projects page for the latest information on bond funding for projects.




In addition to the Conservation Strategy, two other planning efforts have been initiated to advance the implementation of the State Systemwide Investment Approach, as identified in the 2012 CVFPP: Basin-Wide Feasibility Studies and Regional Flood Management Planning.

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The mission of the Floodway Ecosystem Sustainability Branch is: to achieve long-term improvements to aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems; native species populations; ecological processes; and agricultural and environmental stewardship to support a more sustainable flood management system.