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Welcome to the Department of Water Resources (DWR) Financial Assistance home page. This page provides links to all of the Department's financial assistance programs. The programs support integrated water management activities that address public safety, environmental stewardship and economic stability.

Open Solicitations
Who can apply?

Public agencies are eligible to apply to most of DWR's financial assistance programs. Other eligible applicants vary by program and can be found in each program's guidelines. Before you look in the guidelines, you need to determine which program may be able to fund your project. This page provides three ways to find funding for your project: 1) you can go to the "Which program can fund my project?" section below; 2) you can click on the Program Descriptions link on the right side of this page to read a brief description about each program and the kind of projects they fund, or 3) you can click on the Program Names (A-Z) link if you know the name of the program you are looking for.

Which program can fund your project?

To help you find funding for your project, we've grouped the programs by the types of projects they can fund. To find the types of projects, look under the "Programs by kind of projects they fund" heading on the right side of this page. Programs may be listed under several links when they can fund projects that include multiple purposes.

Where can I find information about a past program?

The Archives link lists grant and loan programs that are no longer granting or loaning money.

Where can I find other funding information?

The Resources link takes you to a page with information on the State's bond accountability efforts, the California Financing Coordinating Committee, the Grants Review and Tracking System, the Water Action Plan and the Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014. Test