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NEW! DWR has completed an interim update of Bulletin 118 in response to the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014 (SGMA). Learn more about the 2016 Bulletin 118 Interim Update here. Learn more about SGMA here.

About Bulletin 118

Bulletin 118 is California’s official compendium on the occurrence and nature of groundwater statewide. Bulletin 118 defines the boundaries and describes the hydrologic characteristics of California’s groundwater basins. Bulletin 118 also provides information on groundwater management and recommendations for the future.

With the passage of SGMA in 2014, Bulletin 118 now serves an additional role by providing Groundwater Sustainability Agencies with three critical pieces of information regarding groundwater basins: Critical Conditions of Overdraft, Basin Boundaries, and Basin Priority, as described here.

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