Regional Partnership

Regional partnership assistance benefits our partners' ability to implement regionally-controlled and managed projects. We foster collaboration, help inform community water management decisions, and provide public education opportunities.

What opportunities does the Regional Partnership Program provide?

The Regional Partnership Program provides numerous resources to assist Regional Water Management Groups with meeting the needs of their communities. Technical support services are available to inform water management decisions and assist disadvantaged communities. Facilitation support services help to foster collaboration amongst diverse interests and jurisdictions. In addition, conferences and seminars are available to support exchange of ideas, promote public learning, share lessons learned, and promote best practices.

For more information on any of these topics, please contact your Regional Service Representative.

IRWM Stakeholder Capacity Building Workshop

IRWM Stakeholder Capacity Building Workshop DWR hosted a full-day IRWM Stakeholder Capacity-Building Workshop on Thursday, November 6, 2014. The purpose of the workshop was to provide assistance, tools, and resources to IRWM stakeholders, with a particular focus on the needs of tribes, disadvantaged communities, and local agencies; however, all IRWM stakeholders were welcomed! The workshop included short presentations and interactive discussions on IRWM success stories and lessons learned, resources for broadening IRWM engagement, and tools to support planning and project development.

The workshop was broadcast live from the Stockton location and shown simultaneously in four regional viewing hubs located in Redding, Placerville, Clovis, and Los Angeles. All IRWM stakeholders were encouraged to attend via the nearest regional viewing hub location. All workshop materials are linked below.

A. Workshop Agenda
B. Workshop PowerPoints
     - Introduction_IRWM Stakeholder Capacity Building Workshop
     - Module 1_Meaningful Participation in IRWM
     - Module 1_ Disadvantaged Community Panel
     - Module 1_ Feature Tribe Success Stories
     - Module 2A_IRWM Regional Services
     - Module 2A_Tribal Engagement and Services
     - Module 2A_Defining Disadvantaged Communities and Mapping Tools
     - Module 2B_Project Development and Evaluation Tools
     - Module 2B_Sustainability and Climate Change Tools
C. Workshop Archive Link
D. Catalog of Resources
E. FAQ Document (more FAQs coming soon)