Perris Dam Remediation Program

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is currently working on improvements to Lake Perris Dam and its appurtenant facilities. Lake Perris is the southernmost State Water Project reservoir and the southern terminus of the East Branch of the California Aqueduct. The Lake Perris State Recreation Area is one of the State's most popular recreation destinations, with an average annual attendance of 1.1 million visitors.

In 2005, DWR identified potential seismic safety hazards in the foundation of the dam which is located in northeastern Riverside County, 11 miles southeast of Riverside and 60 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. While there was no imminent threat to life or property, in the interest of ensuring public safety, DWR lowered the reservoir water level while undertaking the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and designing repairs. In addition to a project to remediate the dam's foundation, DWR is investigating the seismic capacity of the existing Outlet Tower and addressing project improvements downstream of the dam to better protect life and property in the event of an imminent dam failure. These three features are the primary components of the Perris Dam Remediation Program.

DWR published a Draft EIR in January 2010, assessing potential environmental impacts associated with implementation of the Perris Dam Remediation Program.

The public was invited to participate in the planning process through providing comments on the EIR. DWR also conducted public workshops concerning the Program at the Perris Fairgrounds and the City of Perris City Hall in the spring of 2010. The Final EIR was certified in November 2011.

Construction of the Perris Dam Remediation project will begin in the summer of 2014. The public may find information on the up-coming construction activities within the Lake Perris State Recreational Area at the link below. Recreationists should check this page often for impacts to facilities throughout the upcoming construction.

When completed, the newly retrofitted Lake Perris Dam facilities will be a major capital improvement for DWR and the State for years to come.

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