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SAN DIEGO -- The Department of Water Resources (DWR) presented its periodic Climate Science Service awards at this week’s workshop on seasonal climate prediction sponsored by the Department and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The purpose of the awards is to recognize ongoing assistance provided by scientists who have been working closely with DWR on climate research activities. DWR also presented a special Advisory Committee Climate Services Award to the members of its Climate Change Technical Advisory Group (CCTAG). (11/20/2014)
pressrelease DWR Pumps $14-Million into Drought-Proofing Sacramento Area
The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) today announced nearly $14-million to fund projects throughout the Sacramento region that will help provide immediate drought relief and prepare for future droughts. Grants totaling $200 million were made to agencies for projects statewide through an expedited funding process directed earlier this year by Governor Brown. (11/06/2014)
DWR news release DWR-led Process Updates California’s Strategic Water Roadmap Highlights and Initial Volumes Released
SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) today released the Highlights booklet and initial volumes of the latest edition of the California Water Plan, which since 1957 has guided the State’s water resource management and planning. Update 2013 of the California Water Plan is State government’s strategic plan for understanding, managing and developing water resources statewide for current and future generations. (10/30/2014)
pressrelease Media Briefing October 30 on Release of California Water Plan Update
Reporters will be briefed tomorrow, October 30, on release of the Highlights and Initial Volumes of California Water Plan Update 2013. Since 1957, the California Water Plan has guided the State’s water resource management and planning. Discussing the latest Update will be Natural Resources Agency Secretary John Laird and Department of Water Resources Director Mark Cowin. (10/29/2014)
DWR news release Homeowners Are Encouraged To Prepare Their Trees for Winter Season In Case Rain Is Scarce
SACRAMENTO –California’s drought is having a visible impact on lawns throughout the state as homeowners reduce their outdoor watering. Lawns can be brought back to life relatively quickly, but once a tree dies, its loss is irreversible. As the amount of sunlight falling on trees is reduced with the change in the seasons, trees go into dormancy and require less water than during the hot summer months. But in exceptionally dry conditions, a tree may not have enough stored moisture to survive until drought conditions improve. Tree advocates and water officials today urged homeowners to educate themselves on effective tree care to ensure their trees’ survival in the months ahead – especially if California’s extended dry period continues this winter. (10/27/2014)

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