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Dual Plumbing Code

The Dual Plumbing Code has been adopted and is given in Chapter 16 - Part II of the 2010 California Plumbing Code. To view the code, click here.

Development of 2010 Dual Plumbing Code

On November 18, 2009 the Building Standards Commission unanimously voted to approve the California Dual Plumbing Code that establishes statewide standards for installing both potable and recycled water plumbing systems in commercial, retail, and office buildings, theaters, auditoriums, condominiums, schools, hotels, apartments, barracks, dormitories, jails, prisons, and reformatories.

The code is set to be published in July of 2010. The new code will be effective January 2011.

Information Flyer (July 2009)

Proposed Dual Plumbing Design Standards
for Potable and Recycled Water Systems Inside Buildings

California Plumbing Code, Chapter 16 - Part II
(Final Proposed Code Submitted CBSC 10/28/09)

(Initial Statement of Reasons)

(Final Statement of Reasons)

--- Previous Versions ---
(07/13/09 version)
(06/25/09 version)
(05/13/09 version)
(04/24/09 version)

Public Workshops Sacramento (5/11/09) - San Diego (5/20/09)
Press Release
( Agenda )

Authorizing Legislation:
SB 283 (DeSaulnier, 2009) - Department of Water Resources: recycled water system
AB 371 (Goldberg) - The Water Recycling Act of 2006

Recycled Water-Related Statutes and Regulations
"The Purple Book"

California Recycled Water Task Force
(Convened in 2003)

Assembly Bill 371 (Goldberg 2006) directs the DWR, in consultation with the State Department of Health Services, to adopt and submit to the California Building Standards Commission regulations to establish a state version of Appendix J (renamed Chapter 16 Part 2) of the Uniform Plumbing Code to provide design standards to safely plumb buildings with both potable and recycled water systems.

The Plumbing Code/Cross-Connection Control Workgroup, a working group advising the 2002 Recycled Water Task Force, drafted design standards to dual plumb buildings for potable and recycled water systems. Based on the Task Force work and public input, DWR is revising the 2009 Uniform Plumbing Code.

For information regarding the California Dual Plumbing Code, Chapter 16 - Part II please use the Water Recycling and Desalination Staff Contact information.