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The Suisun Marsh

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Suisun Marsh is the largest contiguous brackish water marsh remaining on the west coast of North America. It is a critical part of the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary ecosystem. Encompassing 116,000 acres, the Suisun Marsh includes 52,000 acres of managed wetlands, 27,700 acres of upland grasses, 6,300 acres of tidal wetlands, and 30,000 acres of bays and sloughs. It is home to public waterfowl hunting areas and 158 private duck clubs. The Marsh encompasses more than 10% of California's remaining natural wetlands and serves as the resting and feeding ground for thousands of waterfowl migrating on the Pacific Flyway. In addition, the Marsh provides essential habitat for more than 221 bird species, 45 animal species, 16 different reptilian and amphibian species, and more than 40 fish species. The Marsh supports 80% of the state's commercial salmon fishery by providing important tidal rearing areas for juvenile fish allowing them to grow twice as fast as those reared in the upper watershed, thus, greatly enhancing their survival. The Marsh's large open space and proximity to vast urban areas makes it ideally suited for wildlife viewing, hiking, canoeing, and other recreation opportunities.

Federal, State Agencies Release Environmental Document on Suisun Marsh Habitat Management, Preservation, and Restoration Plan

The Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in partnership with the California Department of Fish and Game, finalized a environmental document on the Suisun Marsh Habitat Management, Preservation, and Restoration Plan.

The Final Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (Final EIS/EIR) assesses a comprehensive 30-year plan designed to address use of resources within about 52,000 acres of wetland and upland habitats in Suisun Marsh near Fairfield, California. The focus of the plan is to achieve an acceptable multi-stakeholder approach to the restoration of tidal wetlands and the enhancement of managed wetlands and their functions.

Federal and State agencies prepared a joint Final EIS/EIR in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act and California Environmental Quality Act. The lead agencies have collaboratively prepared the environmental documents with the National Marine Fisheries Service, the California Department of Water Resources, and the Suisun Resource Conservation District.

The Final EIS/EIR is available online at US Department of the Interior.

If you encounter problems accessing the Final EIS/EIR online, please call the Reclamation Public Affairs Office at 916-978-5100 (TTY 916-978-5608) or e-mail For additional information or to request a copy of the Final EIS/EIR, please contact either Ms. Becky Victorine at 916-978-5035 (TTY 916-978-5608) or Ms. Sarah Swenty of the Fish and Wildlife Service at (916) 414-6571. Copies of the Final EIS/EIR may also be viewed at the Reclamation’s Sacramento office at 2800 Cottage Way, Sacramento, CA, 95825


  • 52,000 acres of seasonal non-tidal (managed) wetlands
  • 6,300 acres of tidal wetlands
  • 27,700 acres upland grassland
  • 30,000 acres bays and sloughs
  • Primary management zone 89,000 acres
  • Secondary management zone 22,500 acres
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Suisun Marsh is located in southern Solano County, California about 35 miles northeast of San Francisco. The marsh is bordered on the east by the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, on the south by Suisun Bay, on the west by highway 680, and on the north by highway 12 and the cities of Suisun and Fairfield.
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