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California Department of Water Resources
State Water Project Analysis Office (SWPAO)

This Office administers policies and procedures to ensure that the State Water Project delivers water to more than 25 million Californians who depend on it for at least a portion of their water needs. SWPAO is staffed with engineers, analysts, writers and support staff. Our office has three main areas of management: Project Costs, Project Power and Project Water. Within these areas we calculate contractor cost allocations, track the buying and selling of power, negotiate and administer water contracts, track water schedules and actual delivery amounts, prepare Bulletin 132 (Management of the California State Water Project) each year, and coordinate and approve new turnouts.

The twenty-nine State Water Project Contractors can receive up to a maximum of almost 4.2 million acre-feet, depending on the specific year's allocation. The water contracting agencies and their maximum amounts, known as "Table A" water, are listed here.

SWPAO comprises the following branches:

    Water Contracts Branch

  • Administers the long term contracts with the 29 SWP contractors. To accomplish this, the Branch negotiates and administers additional water contracts and acts as contractor liaison with the SWP contractors for water deliveries and special projects; and negotiates and administers water contracts with non-SWP contractors.

    Water Delivery Analysis and Turnouts Branch

  • The Water Delivery Analysis and Turnouts Branch is responsible for a diverse set of functions including scheduling and classifying water deliveries, administering the turnout authorization and special water supply programs processes.

    Bulletin 132

    Bulletin 132-16
    Bulletin 132, Management of the California State Water Project, is an annual report describing the status of State Water Project operations and water deliveries. Each edition updates project costs and financing, water supply planning, power operations, and significant events affecting the SWP. Each bulletin presents hydrologic information for the water year; capital construction information for the fiscal year; and water delivery, operations, maintenance, and other activities for the calendar year. The complete report series, beginning in 1963, is available in PDF format at the following link.

    Oroville Facilities Relicensing

  • SWPAO was instrumental in the DWR-wide effort to renew the FERC power license to operate the Department's Oroville hydroelectric facilities, including two pumping-generating plants and one power plant. Information on Oroville relicensing is available at the following link.