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2010 UWMP Guidebook and Files

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2010 UWMP Guidebook

The final version of the Guidebook to Assist Urban Water Suppliers to Prepare a 2010 Urban Water Management Plan is now available. The file has embedded hotlinks in it to facilitate electronic movement between cross-referenced information.

The guidebook is to assist urban water suppliers with 3,000 or more service connections or supplying 3,000 or more acre-feet of water per year in preparing their 2010 UWMPs. The 2010 UWMPs are to be approved by the water supplier's governing entity by July 1 and submitted to DWR by August 1, 2011. Figure D-2 (the flowchart) is also available as a separate file in 11x17 format.

To help water suppliers readily identify the changes made to the guidebook between release of the December 21, 2009 draft version and the March 2, 2011 final version, a red-lined version of the guidebook was prepared.

UWMP Guidebook Word and Excel files

Baselines and Targets (SB X 7-7)

Important Dates for Water Suppliers

(Graphic presentation of Key Dates)

UWMP are required to be adopted by July 1, 2011 (California Water Code §10608.20). In addition to this date, there are several important requirements for Urban Water Suppliers to consider regarding preparation, coordination, adoption, and submittal of UWMPs. The specific dates of these deadlines will depend on when the UWMP will be submitted to DWR. Some of these important deadlines to consider are:
  • 60-days prior to the Review/Adoption Hearing: The UWMP regulations requires that a hearing be held prior to adoption of an UWMP (CWC §10642). Any city or county within which a water supplier delivers water is to be notified at least 60 days prior to the hearing that the UWMP is being reviewed (CWC §10621).
  • Prior to adopting a plan: The urban water supplier shall make the plan available for public inspection (CWC §10642). Note - specific dates or length of time are not indicated.
  • 30-days after Adoption: Submit the UWMP to DWR, the California State Library, and any city or county within which it supplies water. Copies of any changes or amendments also have to be submitted within 30 days (CWC §10644(a)).
  • 30-days after Submission to DWR: Provide a copy of the UWMP for public review during normal business hours (CWC §10645).
  • 60-days after Submission to DWR: Provide the applicable portions of the UWMP to any city or county within which the supplier provides water (CWC §10635(b)).