Groundwater Info Center

The Groundwater Information Center is DWR's portal for groundwater information, groundwater management plans, water well basics, and statewide and regional reports, maps and figures. California's groundwater provides approximately 30 to 46 percent of the State's total water supply, depending on wet or dry years, and serves as a critical buffer against drought and climate change. Some communities in California are 100 percent reliant upon groundwater for urban and agricultural use.

DWR has a long-standing history of collecting and analyzing groundwater data, investigating and reporting groundwater conditions, implementing local groundwater assistance grants, encouraging integrated water management, and providing the technical expertise needed to improve groundwater management practices. DWR will continue to work with local agencies and regional organizations to provide data that enables sustainable groundwater management. The Groundwater Information Center website will be updated as new information becomes available.

Prioritization Map

Initial Groundwater Basin Prioritization under the Sustainable Groundwater Management (SGM) Act

The SGM Act directs DWR to develop the initial groundwater basin priority by January 31, 2015. DWR has concluded that the basin prioritization finalized in June 2014 under the California Statewide Groundwater Elevation Monitoring (CASGEM) program will be the initial basin prioritization. The SGM Act applies to the 127 High and Medium priority groundwater basins, which account for approximately 96 percent of groundwater use in California. Read more here...

Groundwater Legislation, Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
On September 16, 2014, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a three-bill legislative package, known as the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.
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Public Update on Groundwater Conditions – New
On November 25, 2014, DWR released the Drought Response report as required by the Governor's April 2014 Proclamation of a Continued State of Emergency. The report identifies groundwater basins with potential water shortages, gaps in groundwater monitoring, and includes a summary of land subsidence monitoring and agricultural land fallowing. Information regarding current drought conditions and DWR's drought response efforts is available at the DWR Drought Information website.

Land Subsidence Report
The report summarizes recent and historical land subsidence and estimates the potential for future subsidence within the DWR Bulletin 118-defined groundwater basins of California. Information contained in the report is also available on an interactive map application.
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Interactive Map of Groundwater Information and Data
In July 2014, DWR released its experimental version of a new interactive map application to view and download selected groundwater information and data. The Department intends to test this interactive map application internally while also providing a beta version to the public.

Contractors State License Board Licensed Well Drillers List
The Governor’s Drought Task Force has identified existing resources available to consumers whose groundwater wells have gone dry due to the drought. Because of this and other drought-related impacts, the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is expediting C-57 applications. Any contractor hired to drill a well in California is required to possess a valid C-57 Water Well Contractor's License issued by the CSLB. Licenses from other states are not valid in California. Consumers can check the status of a contractor’s license and get more information on hiring a contractor at or by calling 1-800-321-CSLB (2752). Well construction also requires permits from the local permitting agency. Click here for more information about well permitting agencies.