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Project Wide Operations

Below are links to project-wide SWP operations reports and graphs plus information regarding monthly and annual reports:

Dispatcher's Daily Water Reports                      Weekly Reservoir Storage Charts 

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State Water Project Monthly Report of Operations

The SWP Monthly Reports provide daily values and monthly totals for the California State Water Project's water and power operations. Corrections to these reports are reflected in the SWP Annual Reports. The reports have been published since 1974 and are in PDF format.  Please select the "SWP Monthly Reports" button below for a list of these reports.  

SWP Monthly Reports

State Water Project Annual Report of Operations

The SWP Annual Reports summarize water and power operations of the California State Water Project.  These reports summarize the data from and include revisions to data previously published in the SWP Monthly Reports. The reports have been published since 1975 and are available in PDF format.  Please select the "SWP Annual Reports" button below for a list of these reports.

SWP Annual Reports

Printed copies of the SWP Monthly and Annual Reports may be available for a fee. For details, please contact:

California Department of Water Resources
P.O. Box 942836
Sacramento, CA 94236-0001


DWR Publications Desk: 1-916-653-1097

Delta Status and Operations

Below are links to the SWP Delta status and operations reports and graphs:

Delta Operations Summary (daily) | Water Quality Summary (daily)

Hydrologic Conditions Summary (daily) | Miscellaneous Monitoring Data (daily)

Bay-Delta Standards | Barker Slough Flows (weekly)

Clifton Court Tide Graphs

Current | Next Month

Oroville Operations

Below are links to the SWP Lake Oroville operations graphs: 

Forecasted Storage

Hatchery and Robinson Riffle Daily Average Water Temperature

Hatchery and Robinson Riffle Ambient Water Temperature

Weekly Reservoir Storage Graphs           

Multi-Year | Current Year with Flood Storage

CALFED Operations

Water Operations Management Team (WOMT) Decisions and Summaries

The Water Operations Management Team (WOMT) is comprised of representatives from the United States Bureau of Reclamation, California Department of Water Resources, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the California State Water Resource Control Board. This management-level team was established to facilitate timely decision-support and decision-making at the appropriate level. The WOMT first met in 1999, and has continued to meet to make management decisions as part of operations of the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project. The WOMT accepts input from many information teams including the Smelt Working Group (SWG), the Delta Operations for Salmonids and Sturgeon (DOSS) group, and Data Assessment Team.  Routinely, it also uses the CALFED Ops Group to communicate with stakeholders about its decisions. Although the goal of WOMT is to achieve consensus on decisions, the participating agencies retain their authorized roles and responsibilities.  Meeting notes from the WOMT can be found by selecting the "WOMT Decisions/Summaries" button below.  Access to the SWG and DOSS meeting notes can be found by selecting the appropriate link below.

WOMT Decisions/Summaries

SWG Recommendations and FWS Determinations

DOSS/SOG Advices and NMFS Determinations

Data Assessment Team (DAT) Summaries

The Data Assessment Team (DAT) consists of technical staff members from the Project and fishery agencies as well as stakeholders. The DAT meets frequently during the fall, winter, and spring.  The purpose of the meetings is to coordinate and disseminate information and data among agencies and stakeholders that is related to water project operations, hydrology, and fish surveys in the Delta.  Meeting notes from the DAT can be found by selecting the "DAT Summaries" button below.

DAT Summaries

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